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Aussie dance sheets:

Dances taught 2024......................................

Name of Dance
It's Magic
Keepin it Country

Magic Nights


Texas Hold "Em

Call it a day

The Lucky one

Washed up in Austin

Cross my heart

Elvis Tonight

Back Home

Senorita Sky

I Showed you the door

A little temptation

Johnnie Walker Blues

Put it on

Second-hadn Emotion

Straight line

In walked you

What do you say

The card you gamble

Watermelon Moonshine

Lucy in the Sky

the last to know

I feel the love

Bringing it back


Un Poquito

Mona Lisa

Sexy Lady 


Choreographed by
Ria Vos

Chris Watson

Niels Poulsen

Lee Hamilton

Guylaine Bourdages

Chrystel Arreou

Antoinette John

Maddison Glover

Karl-Harry Winson

Rob Fowler

Ria Vos

Rob Fowler

Ria Vos

Adrian Lefebour & Funnie Wong

Maddison Glover

Rob Fowler

Ria Vos

Maggie Gallagher

Maggie Gallagher

Gary Lafferty

Gary O'Reilly

Ivonne Verhagen

Robbie McGowan Hickie

Lesley Stewart

Travis Taylor

Fred Whitehouse

Darren Mitchell

Rachael McEnaney

Alison Metelnick & Peter Metelnick

Triple X, Raymond Sarlemjim, Darren Bailey, Roy Verdonk


Dances taught 2023.......................................


Name of Dance 

Don't Wanna fight - review

The last to know

Texas Time - review

Cinco De Mayo - to Committment

Good at being bad

Wave on wave

The Tree

21 Forever

Let me be your man

I got a problem



At your worst

My teach (aka I love my teacher)

Back to your heart

Cowboy Don't

These boots

My broken heart


2 hearts on a highway

Stone cold sober

Wait a minute Mr Postman

Steamboat Queen

Make some new love

No can do

Come what may

AB Dancin in the country

K Step and Rumba

Honkytonk Heartache

Scootin Bootin

A shot of Jose Cuervo

Dippin & Slidin

Sexy Mona Lisa

Girl after my own heart

Easy Question

Wild Word

Tonight you're lucky

Pink Shoelaces

Pot of Gold

Telling on my heart


Drives me Crazy

Outta my mind

I can dream

If you believe

Love button

Face the music

The smilin dance

Hitch a ride

I still fall for you

Stand by me

Always Will

Rainy Day people

Neon Hearts

Faded Dreams

Marry me

Give me your tempo

Little Heartbreak

Show Me

Living next door to Alice - revise

We never knew love

That honky tonk highway

Here you come again

A woman's love - revise from 2018

A Hero EZ

Everyone needs a hero

Drop the beat

Country nights

Country touch

Whiskey on the shelf

Concrete & Country

Tucson too late

3 Tequila floor

One Beer

No body but yours

Head over boots re teach from 2016

Better dancing

Ooh Boy!

Windy City Waltz

Here I am honey

Take myself Dancing easy

Never Drinking again

Flying high


Where nowhere is

Crystal Cha

I've got angels on my side


When you're drunk

Never gonna not Dance - beginner

Glass of wine

Blowin smoke EZ

Lonesome Drinkers

Save it for a Sunny day

Blowin Smoke - Improver

County Liar 

Blue night cha

Be a better man

Lucky Lips 

Get in or get out

Memory Lane

Knock off


Alibis - reteach 2023


Choreographed by:

Maddison Glover

Lesley Stewart

Josh Talbot

Jo Thompson Szymanski & Alan Livett

Maggie Stripley

Alan Birchall

Maddison Glover

Maggie Gallagher & Gary O'Reilly

Jose Miguel Belloque Vane, Anja Riste & Co

Armund Storsveen

Gary O'Reilly

Karen Hadley

Colin Ghys

Niels Poulsen

Darren Mitchell

Roy Verdonk, Ira Weisburd & Sebastiaan Holtland

Wayne Beazley

Gary O'Reilly

Niels Poulsen

Ria Vos

Karl-Harry Winson

Alison Johnstone

Niels Poulsen

Jef Camps, Jose Miguel Belloque Vane & Roy Verdonk

Rachael McEnaney

Joshua Talbot

Lisa Johns-Grose

Susanne Oates

Shirley Blankenship & K Sholes

Mark Paulino

Yvonne Anderson

Karl Harry Winson & Jamie Barnfield

Niels Poulson

Gordon Elliott

Ria Vos

Maddison Glover

Kevin Formosa

Kevin Formosa

Liam Hrycan

Ria Vos

Darren Mitchell

Grace David & Jef Camps

Rob Fowler Kate Sala G. Richard Darren Bailey

Dee Musk

Gary O'Reilly

Nina Skyrud

Maddison Glover

Shirley Blankenship & K Sholes

Tina Argyle

Darren Bailey

Raymond Sarlemijn Roy Verdonk

Heather Barton

Alison Johnstone & Ira Weisburd

Karl-Harry Winson

Maddison Glover, Simon Ward, Fred Whitehouse

Dee Musk

Nathan Gardiner

Jeff Camps, Roy Verdonk

Joey Warren

Lu Olsen

Lee Hamilton, Gary O'Reilly, Maggie Gallagher

Maggie Shipley

Joshua Talbot

Tracie Lee

Choi Yoon Jeong

Roy Verdonk, Grace David, Jef Camps

Rob Fowler

Maggie Gallagher, Gary O'Reilly

Darren Bailey, Fred Whitehouse

Gary O'Reilly, Maggie Gallagher

Rachael McEnaney White

Maddison Glover

Maddison Glover, Jo Thompson Szymanski

Rob Holley

Susan Doyle, Kathy Brown

Rhonda Mathieson

Peter Probert

Chris Lane, Yvonne Anderson

Simon Ward, Darren Bailey 

Jose Miguel Belloque Vane, Roy Verdonk, Jef Camps

Joshua Talbot

Lee Hamilton

Jan Wyllie

Robbie McGowan Hickey

Rachael McEnaney White

Maddison Glover & Simon Ward

Lesley Stewart

Rachael McEnaney White

Heather Barton & Glynn Rodgers

Sue Wellesley-Davies

Malene Jakobsen

Kaye Crooks

Darren Mitchell

Karl-Harry Sinson

Joy McIntosh

Rachael McEnaney White 

Kim Ray

Jose Miguel Belloque Vane & Roy Verdonk

Gary Lafferty

Maggie Gallagher

Darren Mitchell

Guylaine Bourdages, Chrystel Durand Julie Lepine Stephane Cormier Nichlas Lachance & Niels Poulson

Rosalie Mackay


Dances taught 2022.........Choreographer

When will I be loved

If I was your lover 

Making memories re-teach

Do you love me - re-teach 

Like I love Country Music - Chrystel DURAND

Mama & me

Island Moon

Love is made

Mellow Moonlight

Heaven's Jukebox

2 Stepping Away

If not for you

Dancing in the Country

Heavenly Cha

Remix of Love

Don't look down

Portland Cha

The Christmas Waltz

Pull you through to Christmas

Christmas on Tour

It's only Christmas

Blue Christmas

Islands in the stream

Urban Nights

Baby I'm Burning

When you dance with me

Strait Dancing

You're too late

Remember this

For the love of it

Beautiful boy

Champagne on ice

Portland Cha - Ultra

Getcha good

Just take me away

Don't fly away

Little Rock

Baby I was wrong

Times are tough

Tribal Town

Down to one

Cha Cha Fever 2

Beethoven Boogie

Faded love

Storm and stone

Dim the lights

Make it

I like it I love it AB

Gin & Tonic


Baby I'll

1-2 Cha Cha Cha

Same Beer

Bottom of the bottle

A teenage dream

Mighty Fine

Cowboy Bounce

Through your Eyes

Love Grows Easy

Down in the Boondocks

Til the Neons gone

Poco Loco

Shake your cake

Don't break the heart

Changed everything

We're good to go

Crazy what love can do

Always Humble

Good strong woman

Call you mine

Tonight we dance

Sweet release

My heart is yours

Dynamite kiss

Sweet moments

Carribean plans

Do it with style

Please dance with me

Cry to me 2

Believer Baby

Dance without a partner

You'll be the one

Love is a fire


Gives me Shivers

In smokey places

Raised like that

Badge of honour

Neon Blue

I'm on my way

House on fire

Scattered memories

Homecoming Queen

Danger twins

Dancing in the kitchen

Every breath you take remix

She don't know

Till we meet again

Strip it down

Feel the heat

Greener Grass

Love Grows

Some kind of wonderful

Night into day

Til you can't

This time she's not crying

Don't shut me down

My bestie

She just wants to dance

Neon rain

You can hear a heart break

Here we go easy    Gary O'Reilly   Darren Mitchell  Antoinette John

Margaret Rae Crystel Durrand Gary O'Reilly Alison Johnstone & Claire Cherry  Maddison Glover 

Sue Ayers

Jose Miguel Belloque Vane & Willie Brown

Darren Bailey, Rob Fowler, Kate Sala

Alison Johnstone & Joshua Talbot

Maddison Glover

Dee Musk

Gary O'Reilly

Yvonne Anderson

Amy Glass, Dustin Betts, Jean-Pierre Made, Jose Miguel Belloque Vane, Simon Ward, Niels Poulsen

Carol McKee

Maddison Glover, Jo Thompson Szymanski

Daniel Trepat, Jose Miguel Belloque Vane , Gregory Danvoie

Nadia Friel

Phoenix Adamson

Karen Jones

Kim Ray

Joshua Talbot

Gordon Elliott

Jan Wyllie

Ivonne Verhagen, Jose Miguel Belloque Vane

Maddison Glover

Maddison Glover

Larry Bass

Michael Vera Lobos

Sandrine Bonacorsi

Audrey Watson

Sebastian Holtland

Karl-Harry Winson

Roy Verdonk, Darren Bailey

Ria Vos

Niels Poulsen

Gary O'Reilly

Kevin Formosa

Sandy Kerrian

Gordon Elliott

Jo Rosenblatt

Maddison Glover

Maddison Glover, Simon Ward

Rob Fowler

Lu Olsen

Kate Sala, Robbie McGowan Hickie

Robbie McGowan Hickie

Gordon Elliott

Ria Vos

Darren Mitchell

Gary O'Reilly

Antoinette John

Ria Vos

Juliet Lam

Maggie Gallagher

Rhonda Mathieson

Lynda Maynard, Debbie Dickie, Linda

Darren Bailey

Alison Biggs, Peter Metelnick

Amy Glass, Cody Flowers

Colin Ghys, Raymond Sariemijn

Kate Sala

Rob Fowler

Julie Wetzel

Willie Brown


Fred Whitehouse

Heather Barwon

Fred Whitehouse, Shane McKeever

Lee Hamilton

Trude Dalene

Gordon Elliott

Wil Box, Colin Ghys

Maryse Gagnon, Stephane Beauchamp

Jose Miguel Belloque Vane

Lesley Clark, Mark Wuyts

Alison Johnstone

Niels Poulsen

Tina Argyle

Shelly Guichard, Kate Sala, Dee Musk

Niels Poulsen

Brandon Zahorsky

Pat Newell

Darren Bailey

Ian St. Leon

Tina Argyle

Maggie Gallagher

Ria Vos

Jennie Berry

Karl-Harry Winson

Karl-Harry Winson, Jamie Barnfield

Stephen Paterson


Maddison Glover

Ivonne Verhagen, Urban Danielsson

Rachael McEnaney-White

Maddison Glover, Jose Miguel Belloque Vane, Roy Verdonk

Elaine Cook

Craig Bennett, Maddison Glover

Gary O'Reilly

Micaela Svensson Erlandsson

Gary O'Reilly

Pat Newell

Mark Furnell, Chris Godden

Colin Ghys, Jose Miguel Belloque Vane

Anna Korsgaard

Marianne Vita Helmprecht

Nancy Rosera

Dorthe Michelsen


Bad Seed

Must be Christmas


You can hear a heart break

It's only Christmas - annual revision

Don't wanna fight

Peppermint twist

Just Fly


Tonight We're dancing

Train Wreck

In the morning sun


Are you missing me - revised

Here we go

Looking up

My Cold cold heart - beginner

I need to be loved

Born to love you

Brand new man

Cold Heart

What a song can do

Dance before you leave me

Blue Jean Baby

She cares

Same boat

What a song can do

Dance before you leave me

Blue Jean Baby

Marli's Dance

Country in me beginner

Going going gone

My song

A little tequila time

Don't fence me in

Burning inside

Music to my eyes revision

I remember - Traci Lee

Homesick AB

Right or Wrong

Come dance with me

You asked me to

Sun on a black sky

You're my mate

Good to go

Cover me up with love

Salt lime and Tequila

One Day

Lasting Lover

Shotgun - revision

Muddy Water Healing

I kissed you

I got you

Raising Hell

Alcohol on it - revision

I like it I love it AB

What Happens next

I'm on fire

You need a man around here

Happy does

Wasted on you

Truth be told

Lovey Dovey

Where oh where

Kissed a cowboy

Toot toot

Raising hell

1 more chance

Country in 3


Love you now

A man is in love

As I lay me down

Bring you happiness AB

Moses Roses Toeses

Won't you dance with me

Miss Congeniality

Born to shine

Pick her up

Just Keep Falling

Love you cha

Cruel intentions

Another Crazy Year

Pick up your phone

Liquid Sunshine

Jersey Boys

Reindeer Shuffle

Faith hope and love

Healing Hands

Morning Sun - reteach


Take me home

Drink Drank Drunk

Southern Dreams

Little less broken

Sundown Swing

  • Country Boy Lovin'

Dances Taught 2020

Most recent taught at the top of the list


Pretty Girl

I Swear

I kissed you

Bad Seed

Martha Divine

Oh Martha

Let me be there

A little Tequila time

Morning Sun


Soak up the sun

Love me Love me (Amame)

Completely AB

Ain't love a lot like that

Senorita AB

Stomp Down


Wintergreen EZ

Run baby

Keep Young

You gotta bop the B

Oh Yeah

Never Gonna Grow Up

Dance Monkey

Wagon Wheel

Rain Dance

Crystal Touch

What a man gotta do

Cabo Mooon

Another Ex in Mexico


Midland Cha

Good feelings


For Robbie

Holding hands together

Double R Dee

Ocean to Ocean

Hey Now!

Dances Taught 2019

Most recent taught at the top of the list


Turning Tables

Mother Trucker

Little Cupid

Life's been Good

Mamma Maria

Faithful Soul

Belle Louisiana

Rock & Roll is here to stay


Stuck on me and you


Lay here with me

Angel lies

When you smile

Half Past Tipsy

My one and only

Uptown girl

Heart Body & Soul

Romeo Tonight

Rolling with love


Alcohol you later

These old boots

It's so easy

Baby I'm torn

Stuck in Stupidville

Touch of Mexico

Thorn in my side

Did he mean to

The bull

K is for kicks

Simply Spanish


On top of the world - Simon Ward

My Mary

Twinkle in her eyes

Soul Shake

Whatcha Reckon

Tequila little time


Gone West

Knockin Boots

Good at tonight

Senorita La-la-la

Train Swing

Simply love you

World for Two

Speed of love

If my heart had wings

Don't worry baby

Mad Crazy Love

Bonaparte's Retreat

Raise your glass

You are simply the best

Don't give me no excuses

Shot of Tequila


Everything I have

Every little honky tonk bar

One less day

Dirt Country

Silver Wings

Absolutely'American Made

Mr Lonely AB

Never Growing up

Simply the best

Lonely Blues

Dance with a stranger

Reason to stay

Nothing but you

Yes m'am no m'am


Honky Tonk Mood

I will follow him

Wounded Heart

Cherry Bomb



Let's go to Louisiana

Just a Phase

Lonely lovers

Tennessee bird walk

Drowns the whiskey

My angel and me

Off the beaten track

Like she used to

Come dance with me

Going through my mind

Vanotek Cha


Graffiti Baby

Black Feathers


I've been waiting for you EZ (Alison & Josh)

My Girl Crush (Vi Hooker)

Love you more

My Girl 2017


Bud Light Blue

Codigo (Darren Mitchell)

Do you remember

Oh me Oh my Oh (re-done for 2019)

Dances Taught 2018

Most recent taught at the top

I gotta brand new girl friend (revised)

Music to my eyes

Oh me oh my oh

A woman's love

Colado Kick

Make it Sweet

Pushin & Shovin

You're beautiful

Baby I'm home

Thank You

Step 2 it

Make you stay (revised)

Dirty Little secret

Oh Carol (revised)

Lets Marvin Gaye AB

It's only Christmas - revised for Christmas social

Groovy Love

Waves of Love

Homesick Heart

Beating my lonely drum

Hey Senorita AB

Love is the name

You got healing hands

Have a good time

One step two step - revised

Judge not - revised

We only live one

Sangria Sun

I've been waiting for you - Alison & Josh

Ride on

Yes sir that's my baby

Come a little bit closer AB

On a roll

Ride Away


Everytime I roll the dice - Rhonda & Rob Charity

Down at the honky tonk

Healing hands

All I am is you

Whiskey Kisses - Rhonda

Drink in my hand - Rhonda

Girl with the fishing rod

Seeing blind

You are the reason baby - Alison

A double whiskey

I'll be there

Mamma Mia! why me?

Practice Makes perfect - Robert Pointer

Celtic duo

I'll be there for you

Second time around

Love like this - Antoinette John

Looking at the moon

Sweet sweet smile 2018

The king and I

Worth a shot

If only

Get it right

Alcohol on it - revised Rhonda & Sue

Whiskey Smooth

Sober on Saturday night

Do a little life - revised

Sober Saturday night - beginner

That's country

Mountain of love

Texas Time

Throwback love

Mr Postman

Waltzing Whiskey

Return to Sender AB

Half a Cha

Safe in my arms EZ

Doing the walk

Stories we could tell BEGINNER

She ain't in it

A thousand stars

If it don't matter

Country looks good on you

Mood swing

Nobody but you AB

Yesterday's tomorrow beginner

Red Gold & Green

I close my eyes

Adventure 45

Wandering Hearts

My Mother my teacher my friend


Today is yesterday's tomorrow

Out Dancing

We'll stay young

Aces and Eights

Stumbling in

Down on your uppers

Wrap U in my arms

My Boogie Shoes - beginner

Cha Cha Fever 2! - beginner

Make you stay

This & That - revised

Baby Love

Forget-me-not - revised

Whiskey Bridges

A complete change

For the World

If I were you

Perfect - Easy (Lene Mainz Pedersen)

On the rocks

Pull you through

Rock and Roll Kiss EZ

Stars Stripes and Dirt

Temporary Love

All the Same (aka we danced)

Sweet hurt

Ruin my bad reputation AB

Mexican Cantina

Life Changes

I won't back down

Sleepy Eyes

All the king's horses

Baby why not tonight - re taught 2017

A brighter day - re taught 2017

Sweet Caroline - revised from 2017

Dances Taught 2017

Most recent dances taught will be listed from the top:

Sweet Caroline

A Brighter Day

Baby Why tonight

Soul City

This old heart

Friends for life

Are you missing me

Love you more

Cards on the Table

Aint got nobody

Cowboy Cha Cha

Perfectly Easy

Forget me not

Stay Strong

Light up the world

Lonely this weekend

Dance her home

Let's go to Louisiana

Work Work

10,000 Reasons


Have a good time

Ride Away

Hungry Heart

Eyes for you

Crank it to 10

Come dance with me

Goodbye for now

The most beautiful Girl

Every time she walks by

Caribbean feeling

Slow burn 17

Summer Sway

Diamonds & Babies

One step two step

Lonely drum EZ

A song for Mum


Amarillo by morning

I came to love you

Holy Days

Sometimes I wonder

You're sixteen


Penny Arcade

Hungry Eyes Cha Cha

Honky Tonk Highway

Life's About

Tropical Depression

The one you're waiting on

Wasted Time

She's gone

Hello Summer

New Country Cha

Red Sun kisses the sea

Needles & pins


Lonely drum


Boys and a girl thing

I must be dreaming


Flying high

Belles Belles Belles

Patient heart

Keep me crazy

Champagne promise

Could've been the whiskey

Lucky boy's dream


Bring down the house

Remember the days





Diamonds and daughters

Bedroom boogie

Feel the beat

There goes my everything

Think of you - split floor for "Life of the Party"

Lover please come back

Made in theshade

Paddy's Choir

God's been good

Coal Miners daughter


Bella Roma

Darling stand by me

Happily ever after

Hold me now

Moo Dee Blues

My lucky charm

Blue aint your color


I am me (I love my life)

Cowboy for a night

Dig your heels

Backyard bar

One night with you

A thing about lovin you

God must be a cowboy at heart

Breaking up is hard to do

Up your nose!

Play that song

Hold on



DN Waltz

Another Crazy Year

Oops Baby

Dances Taught 2016

Young and Foolish

Just a hunk

In case you didn't know

Tush Push

Living next door to Alice

Tennessee bird walk

We are so beautiful

It's only Christmas (revised)

Last chance dance


Break on me

Vegas Baby


Let it swing

That ain't country

All I ask you

Hey girl

Isn’t enough

Some girls will

Water off a ducks back

Your heaven

My gypsy queen

Oh Carol

15 rounds

Judge not

Loved too much

A little love trip

Drift away

Love Drunk

Rock and roll music

Sky loves blue

Better than ever

Cruising back roads

Prince Charming waltz


Silver Threads

Just Bobbi with an i

The one

Sadies Dress

Frankie Fever

Why baby why

Try Everything

Old Alabama

Mom the bomb

Hot Tomales jnr

Strip it down beginner

Head over boots

Do a little life

Dance with me

Lucky me

Teenage love

Get your feet down

I know a guy

Bring on the good times

All about me

Every little thing

My party

True love easy

From the ground up

She’s kind

S. T. One

Girl next door

It takes all kinds

Stop starring at my eyes.